Ball Valves for Gas

Ball vale for gas Fig. 340G

The EuroGas™ series (Fig. 340G and 343G) includes brass ball valves intended for gas use and certified in the European market according to the standard UNI EN331.

™ is a series of high quality valves, whose hardy construction guarantees a long-lasting performance. In the open position, they allow for a total flow of the gas with a minimum of turbulence, whilst in the closed position they garantee a tight seal for gas types 1, 2 and 3, as specified by the standard UNI EN437. They are designed so that the seal cannot be reached without disassembling the entire valve. Furthermore, the valves are also available with padlocking devices.

The ductile iron flanged ball valve (Fig. 390G) and cast iron Lug butterfly valve (Fig. 4321), specifically designed for gas, complete our range.