VIR Group

VIR Group

Taizhou VIR Valve Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

This location is dedicated to the production of certain specific lines of valves. It is closely monitored in order to ensure and guarantee the respect of the high quality standards the VIR customers have become accustomed to.

VIR Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


The company has the aim of creating a distribution network for the high-tech and top quality VIR products, taking advantage of the technical and logistic capability of its Taizhou factory.

VIR Valvoindustria Ing. Rizzio S.p.A.

Valduggia (VC), Italia
General Headquarters offices and production plant are in Via Circonvallazione 10. Here all assembly and mechanical work is carried out, as well as the designing and construction of the machines necessary for the production plant. The foundry is still operational in Via Circonvallazione 41, whilst the shipping department is located in Via Monte Fenera 69.

Red-White Valve Corp.

Lake Forest CA, USA
Corporate Headquarters situated in Lake Forest, CA, distributes mainly VIR products throughout the United States of America. The Company is supported by a vast network of agents, as well as warehouses evenly distributed throughout North America in the following states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania – Tennessee.